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Foley Road: Bio

Ann Myers - Hammer Dulcimist

Music's been a part of my life forever. My parents always had music playing in the house and in the car, and as a family we went to a lot of folk music festivals. When I was 9, I was allowed to pick an instrument to learn how to play, and I chose the hammered dulcimer. I loved it until I hit adolescence, when I got tired of playing such an unusual instrument. The dulcimer went in the closet—literally and figuratively—and I learned to play the flute like so many other high school girls. It wasn't until my first year as a teacher at Roberts Paideia Academy that another teacher (Doug Sawan) found out I played the hammered dulcimer and coaxed me into dusting it off and jamming with him. Now that we've been playing seriously for several years, I decided I'd earned the right to a new toy...and so I recently purchased a brand new Webster chromatic dulcimer. It has a beautiful, rich sound. I am now--officially--a LOUD and proud dulcimer player.

Fred Erdmann - Acoustic guitar and mandolin.

I play violin for the Cincinnati Metropolitan Orchestra when I am not working, fishing, scuba diving or engaged in other forms of outdoor recreation. I have come to appreciate being part of a smaller group and greatly enjoy the company of the other Foley Road musicians. Finding ways to compliment the musicianship of everyone involved is a labor of love. I like to play the “second dulcimer” line with my mandolin, or sometimes just carry the lead. However, I am usually found on rhythm guitar, be it acoustic or electric. I can also slip in a little harmonica or penny whistle, when called to duty. I am an engineering consultant when not engaged in music. Originally from Connecticut, I have lived in Cincinnati since 1971 and has become hopelessly addicted to Skyline Chili and Graeter’s Ice Cream. I still weep from loosing local brands like Hudepohl Gold, and recall the days when Newport was the place to go for a little naughty fun.

Dottie Davis - Keyboards

I learned to play the piano at the of age 4, I have been playing recitals since the age 10 . I was a piano performance major at CCM and a violin minor. Celtic music has been very important to me for a long time-ever since I saw the Chieftains at the Taft Theater. I play keyboards and gothic harp with Foley Road. I am also the pianist in a violin/piano duo, l'Oiseau Chanteur, with Sylvia Samis. Sylvia and I have played chamber music for over 30 years. Making music is the most wonderful blessing-I am grateful to play with such talented musicians. I am also a member of the Cincinnati Metropolitan Orchestra, second violin section. I love to read, and write poetry from time to time. I have two children and three grandchildren. Thank you, Foley Road, for being my new family!

Jill Garrett - Acoustic Guitar and vocalist.

I grew up in a large family that loved to sing and play music, but my musical career really started when I was in 3rd grade and I had my first solo, "Dear Santa, I Just Got the Measles." I was so worried that I would get the hiccups during my solo that I had hand signals worked out in case the hiccups should strike before going on stage and I would need to signal the director to delay my start. Luckily, everything went fine. For years, I sang and played guitar with my sisters and friends for weddings, anniversaries, and occasionally, at local venues. When I started working at the same school as Doug and Ann (I am a Speech-Language Pathologist), I started singing with their newly-formed band, "Foley Road." I feel so blessed to be a part of this amazing group of musicians and friends. To date, I have had no performance-induced hiccup attacks.

Teresa Hay - Flute, whistles and back up vocalist.

I have three older siblings. Growing up, they all played instruments: cello, string bass,trumpet and French horn. By the time I was ready to enter the world of music, my mom was fed up with hauling around big, heavy instruments. She strongly suggested I learn the flute-a LIGHT instrument with a sound she liked. So in fifth grade I started playing the flute and I have kept at it ever since. Music is the way I earn my living. I am a music therapist at a home for the elderly in Cincinnati. I love the way faces light up when I play a song from someone's childhood. I feel blessed to be able to share my music in so many capacities and to be a part of such a wonderful group of people. In addition to Foley Road, I am also a member of the Cincinnati Metropolitan Orchestra and a contemporary Christian music group. I have recently picked up the pennywhistle--another great portable, LIGHT instrument!

Doug Sawan - Percussion and Appalachian Lap Dulcimer

I came to music later in life and ask myself at least once a week why I didn't start earlier. My first instrument was a lap dulcimer and percussion for the band. This is the third band I have played in and the musicians in this band are by far the best I have ever played with. Please come out to one of our shows. You won't be sorry.