Some new songs for us.

Just posted a couple of new tunes we recorded. Tuamgraney Castle and Young Jane. 

A couple of Nice Reviews!!

Harkening back to the early Chieftains, Foley Road brings a freshness and originality to modern Celtic music.

    - David Arkenstone - 

 Broadjam Pro Reviewer

All the elements for a great celtic song were there....all the instruments needed were there... the sounds that were produced gave an over all great feel....I loved every minute of it......

    - Delta Burnett Reed 

Our latest Review!!

Check it out our latest review from The Xavier Newswire under our 'Press/Review' page.

Maury's Tiny Cove.

A real blast last night. Great connection to the audience and the band was truly in sync. People were dancing and singing along with the band. Matt, thanks for you hospitality. This is a great west side restaurant in Cincinnati and deserves your support, everybody. We will be back as soon as you want us. Tom, it was great to see you. Thanks to everyone.

10,000 Villages Appreciation Dinner--WOW

One of our best gigs yet. Good food, good wine and good people to be with in a great location at the Civic Garden Center. Thanks to those who bought our CD. I know the CD will bring you great listening pleasure over the years!! 

Delhi Park Wine Tasting--Yum-Yum!!!

Had a good time at the Wine Tasting. Great audience and very generous! They seem to want us back for their Fall Floral Show in September. Thanks Kathy for inviting us. We can't wait till the next time we can play for you!!

Week o' Gigs 2011

Been quite a week! Did a performance at The Museum Center on Saturday, 3/12. Quite a packed venue. Wall to wall people. We were in the auditorium. With all the people in the rotunda area, maybe next year we can be there. Sunday was Ireland in Word and Music V. That was a tremendous personal time. We love doing this gig because of what it does for others less fortunate. A warm venue and one we will do every year. Thursday, 3/17 and we are Downtown in the Main Branch of the Public Library.. This is a new place for us and it very well. Great response! Last of all we are in Loveland in the evening for a performance at the Loveland Health Center. Another thing we like to do for senior citizens. The most fun was just being together with each other and playing music that was appreciated. If you heard us in any of these places, let us know what you thought. We would love to hear from you.

Labour Day (If your from England!)

Coney Island in Cincinnati, not to be confused with its bigger cousin in New York. (If you from New York, you already know that.) The newspaper said there were 15,000 people there!! WOW! Never played in a venue with that many people. I know that they didn't come to hear us, but we had a fair share just stop, pull up a chair and listen. Being the kick-off to this year's political year, Governor Strickland was there. I had a chance to meet him and even gave him a copy of our CD. Said he would listen to it on the way home. Hope you like it, Mr. Strickland and yes, we are available to play the Governor's Mansion, if you are so inspired. 

Wild and Wonderful West Virginia-Thanks!!!

What a trip this has been!!! Absolutely a first for us. On the road!!! In the venue!! Sound and equipment checks! Review the playlist for 4 frickin' hours!!! Performance that went three hours and the audience wants more!!  Wind down after the show in Fred's room! The show after-glow as we head for home.  Only one word--WHOA!!!!

Father Joe Mulligan

Playing the Spring Ensemble at Seton HS

Tell me what you think of our music!!

Hey all!! Some new stuff here. If you have heard our music and like what you hear, write us. We would love to hear from you!!!

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