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Foley Road: Links

10,000 Villages Performance

This was a lot of fun!!!! The African Floor drum was really fun to play. By the way, the three tunes are called The Dancing Bear, O'Neill's March and Trallee Gaol. Enjoy!!!

Sound Cloud

Another place to hear our music. 

Foley Road

Some video of us on YouTube!!

Foley Roads music on ITunes
ITunes is now carrying our music. You can also use your favorite song for a ringtone.
Wherever The Road Takes US! and CD Baby!
Where we have Wherever the Road Takes Us! for sale if you would like to hear some samples and buy the CD.
A place to listen to some of our songs on internet radio. Very cool site.
Artist Zach Sawan

Zach's artwork in now being carried by a gallery in Coral Gables/Miami, Fl. Take a look.

Apple ITunes
Apple ITunes is now carrying some original material by members of the band. Check it out!!
Foley Road and CdBaby
This is our first CD on CDBaby. You can buy as a whole album or you can pick your favorites as an MP3 download.
We have some music samples at this site from our next album. Listen to them. They sound great!
CDBaby and The Ash Grove
A little Appalachian/folk, if you are so inclined. You can buy it as an album or as an MP3 download.
CDBaby and Are You Listening?
An album of mostly original material.
The Highpoint Boys
This will make you laugh and cause you to tap your feet. Great stuff. You have to check it out!!