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Just want to set the record straight!!!


The most accurate origin of the song "Garryowen"is from a small Irish town outside of Limerick,where the 5th Royal Irish Lancers made their home.The town's name, Garryowen, means "Owen'sGarden"; but the old tune soon came to become associated with the Lancers' drinking. The Irish poet Thomas Moore wrote the words around 1807: In 1905, Chief Musician J.O. Brockenshire of theSeventh Cavalry Band rewrote the music to"Garryowen" and composed these stanzas and chorus before the regiment deployed to the Philippines:
Lyric 1:
Let Bacchus' sons be not dismayed
We'll break windows, we'll break doors, 
But join with me each jovial blade; 
The watch knock down by threes and fours; 
Come booze and sing, and lend your aid, 
Then let the doctors work their cures, 
To help me with the chorus. 
And tinker up our bruises.

Instead of spa we'll drink down ale, 
We'll beat the bailiffs out of fun, 
And pay the reck'ning on the nail; 
We'll make the mayors and sheriffs run; 
No man for debt shall go to jail 
And are the boys no man dares run, 
From Garryowen in glory. 
If he regards a whole skin.

Lyric 2:
We are boys that take delight in 
Smashing the Limerick lights when lighting, 
Our hearts so stout have got us fame, 
Through the streets like Sporters fighting, 
For soon 'tis known from when we came; 
And tearing all before us. 
Where're we go they dread the name 
Of Garryowen in glory.


Lyric 1:
We are the pride of the army, 
And a regiment of great renown, 
Our name's on the pages of history, 
From sixty-six on down. 
If you think we stop or falter 
While in the fray we're gin' 
Just watch the steps with our heads erect, 
While our band plays "Garryowen."

In the Fighting Seventh's the place for me 
It's the cream of all the cavalry; 
No other regiment ever can claim 
Its pride, honor, glory and undying fame.

Lyric 2:
We know no fear when stern duty 
Calls us far away from home, 
Our country's flag shall safely o'er us wave, 
No matter where we roam. 
'Tis the gallant Seventh Cavalry 
It matters not where we're goin' 
Such you'll surely say as we march away; 
And our band plays, "Garryowen."


Lyric 3:
Then hurrah for our brave commanders! 
Who lead us into the fight. 
We'll do or die in our country's cause, 
And battle for the right. 
And when the war is o'er, 
And to our home we're goin' 
Just watch the step, with our heads erect, 
When our band plays, "Garryowen."


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