Sad News

We regret to inform our friends and fans that our beloved band mate, Dottie David has recently passed away. Please keep her family in your thoughts and prayers.

CD sales around the world!!

Well, just got the word we are beginning to sell cd's internationally. Not a huge sale but a couple none the less. Sales are in England and Australia. Exciting times for us, thanks to our English and Australian fans.

Great time last night!!

Had a great show at the Joy Community Church! Audience was very appreciative of us and we LOVED playing for them. Had a couple of people tell us, "God Bless You!!" Who am I to argue with THAT!!

Hittin' The Charts Part II

Just got the word we that we are on another of's Top Ten Charts. Garryowen/Irish Washerwoman is in the top ten for the World Music Category. More exciting news!!

Hittin' the Charts.

Just got the word we that we are on two of's Top Ten Charts. Garryowen/Irish Washerwoman is in both the Top Ten for Celtic music as well as Top Ten for all songs from Ohio. Exciting news!!

Foley Road finishes second CD!

We have finished our latest CD and should be available through CDBaby soon. The name of the CD is "Wherever the Road Takes Us!" It will also be available through digital services, such as ITunes and Rhapsody, within the next month or so. Music samples can be heard at If you would like a copy now, e-mail us and we can get one to you. By the way, the CD has only been out for about a week and we have a review already. Check it out under "Press".

Foley Road Working on a new Cd.

We have been taking some time to work up a second CD. We hope to have it out before the end of the Fall. Be looking for it!!

Fred's Two Cents Worth

Just to add my two cents worth, I thought everybody did just great. I was constantly looking both to my right and left and saw those fingers moving around with wonderful music coming out. Nobody would believe that we hardly had anything to work with on paper; often, not even a melody line. The real music came from our hearts and it sounded just wonderful, at least to me.

A note from Dottie

Last night was THE BEST! You all were magnificent--new material and old. I had so many pieces in my ear for the rest of the night. Thank you! I am SO LUCKY to play with all of you and to have so much fun! Jill-your niece was so cute--I wished her the best on her musical journey. This gig was the best yet, and I am feeling more at ease, and can have more smile-time! Be well---WE ALL BROKE LOTS OF OUR LEGS LAST NIGHT-so to speak(classical music send off: "break a leg" for a good performance------Dottie

The Heart of Foley Road

I know that none of this really needs to be said, but I'll say it anyway. I thought we put on one hell of a performance Saturday night. I got so many compliments, I couldn't believe it. We gave the audience a great big dose of our Foley Road magic and I could not have been more proud to have been a part of it. Thank you so much, I love you all. Fred

College Hill Coffee Company

Hello, folks! Decent night at the coffee shop last night... Teresa really sounded awesome. Teresa and Fred had a couple of pennywhistle duets that were just lovely. Ann

Please look at our new Links to our music. There is more than just Foley Road's CD.

There are now three CD's link to our site. Check out "links" section to see what we have!!

Our first reviews!!

Just posted our first reviews online. From Take a few seconds to read them.

Check out our CD at CDbaby!!

Our CD will soon be in digital release on about a zillion online sites, where you will be able to buy one song or the whole album. There is even going to be a ringtone for sale. Of course you can still buy it at CDbaby by going through our 'Buy' link. This is excitement!!

Henke Winery

Thanks for all those who came to hear us. We had a tremendous time. I hope we did a good job for you. Let me know by emailing me.

Finished another gig!

Had another good time at our most recent show at Fernbank Park in North Bend, Ohio. We have CD's now. If you would like one, let me know at my email. They are only five bucks and you are getting some good stuff for less that .99 a song. That is even better that ITunes!!

Parting Glass

Jill's second song with Foley Road. It sounds great!! Give it a listen.

Le garcon Danny c'est ici!!

This is Jill's intro to the world wide web and what would be more fitting than the great Irish classic "Danny Boy"! I tell you, it will bring tears to your eyes.

Another Song!!!

Had another recording session last night and did a really great version of a Celtic tune called "Ships are Sailing". This one you have to give a listen to. It sounds great and everybody contributed. Ann with her flying hammers, Fred, with his punchy guitar. Teresa and her fabulous flute and Jill doing the 12-string. Oh yeah, and yours truly on the bodhran.

Our Last Gig

We had a great time at the North Bend United Methodist Church, so much so that we have been invited for two more engagements. One will be at the end of August and is on our calender. The second one will during the holiday season.

Ann has a Webster!!

Ann recently was in Michigan and bought herself a brand new hammer dulcimer. She says the sound is impressive and that the band will love it. We hope you all will to.

Just finished a new song with Foley Road.

Re-did an old classic by the Irish harpist O'Carolan, Si Bheag Si Mohr, with a bit of a twist. Fred is playing classical guitar, I am on lap dulcimer. What is really fabulous is Ann on hammer dulcimer and Teresa on silver flute and penny whistle. How can I be so lucky to play with such talent?!!!

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