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A nice quote from someone who has heard us play:

"It (Foley Road's performances) helps the residents bring back memories when they hear the music they heard years ago. It almost seems miraculous as they recall things from years ago and can sing words to old songs and remember events from those times". 

St Paul's Home-Little Sisters of the Poor

Thought this was kind of nice. From our show in March and published in their spring quarterly newsletter.

'Foley Road, a regional favorite, offers exceptional renditions of Celtic and folk music using instruments like the hammered dulcimer, various guitars , flutes and whistles, and percussion."

Xavier Newswire

Originally run in the March 13th 2013 issue of the Xavier Newswire 


Irish concert held in
Kennedy Auditorium


Irish concert held in

Kennedy Auditorium

    " Bellarmine Chapel hosted the seventh “Ireland in Word and Music” concert in Kennedy Auditorium. On March 10, various artists from the Cincinnati area gathered to celebrate and perform traditional Irish folk songs, poetry and dancing. The show featured both dramatic poetryreadings as well as musical acts,such as Foley Road, a Cincinnati based traditional Irish folk group,and Mercury Rising, a four-piece barbershop quartet. The McGing Dancers also performed a medley of reels and jigs, adding a physical component to the celebration of music and poetry. The songs and dramatic readings covered many aspects of Irish culture, and were grouped by theme such as “family connections,” “nostalgia,” “faces of death,” “religious Ireland” and “distance and the human heart.” Readings included poems by Seamus Heaney and Irish revivalist poet William Butler Yeats. In the spirit of Irish hospitality, the audience was invited to join in for an interactive performance of

“Wild Rover” and “Will Ye Go Lassie, Go.” Mercury Rising, led by tenor Tom Davis, performed a moving barbershop rendition of 'An Irish Blessing."

     There was a wide variety instruments played during the show, ranging from the standard six and 12-string guitars to hammered dulcimer and penny whistle. Most notable was junior Don Rolfes’ lively and impressive performance of jigs on uilleann pipes, the traditional bagpipe of Ireland. He was later joined by Foley Road band-mate Doug Sawan on the bodhran, the Irish drum.

     Although the show took place in Kennedy Auditorium, there was an intimate atmosphere, in which the audience was just as involved and included as the musicians and presenters onstage. The informal and relaxed nature of the show allowed for the musicians to share songs they had not rehearsed, and at the same time reflected theIrish sentiment of playing, living and enjoying the music in the moment.


     Joe Wessling, from the Office of Mission and Identity has been coordinating the“Ireland in Word and Music” celebrations for the past nine years when it was passed to him by founder Jane Sansalone. The group initially consisted of dramatic readings of poetry and over the years snowballed into a grand collection of music, poetry and, more recently, Irish dancing. “It really is a privilege of just being a part of it all,” Wessling said. “Our musicians and readers are such a wonderful group of people and it is an honor in just bringing them all together.” Although the show was and has been free of charge, the group accepted donations which went to the efforts of Fr. Joe Mulligan with the Jesuit Volunteer Corps in Nicaragua. The annual concert has been generating about $1100 to $1300 a year, which goes to various service learning programs in Nicaragua as well. All in all, “Ireland in Word andMusic VII” was a wonderful celebration of Irish culture and song, full of life and vigor. Be sure to look for the concert next year, as it is expected to be another fantastic show."





 Irish concert held in Kennedy Auditorium Irish concert held in Kennedy Auditorium

Foley Road brings a fresh approach to the excitement of Celtic music. Superb musicianship, and catchy melodies capture the ear of the listener. Look to them to get your feet tapping and your heart pounding.

Delhi Civic Association

The Delhi Civic Association would like to thank you for performing at our wine tasting event last Thursday. What a treasure we have in our community. I was especially impressed by all the musicians and the style of music.

Creative Aging of Cincinnati

“They were great. A very different performance that our residents really enjoyed and want to have back. They gave a lot of history about their selections............ and an explanation of their different instruments. They really got the residents involved in singing and dancing. They were awesome and very professional."


Cincinnati Public Library Main Branch

"Thanks so much for performing yesterday! 
 Everybody really enjoyed it!"

Ireland in Word and Music VI

Congratulations on another wonderful Irish program.  I was happy  to enjoy it from an audience prospective.   Great performance by everyone.  I hope the pot of gold was filled.  Love, Terry

A Fan


You will be pleased to know that your lilting voices are wafting
through the air on the downtown streets of Charleston, West Virginia,
since I installed my tapes in my car, and the windows down and the heat
index dropped and the  memory of our reunion demands that I listen with
nostalgia and sentiment to all the lovely songs you selected!!!
What talented musicians...and to have found each other is wonderful and
you've got to be exceedingly proud of the music that fills the air when you all are
Thank you for taking the time to come to Charleston, and play for us.
The feedback about Foley Road has been so positive, and we had a truly
fine reunion, thanks to your making the evening so special for all of

Jody Sheridan Hoyer

Si Bheag Si Mhor. What a beautiful, smooth flowing piece! Peaceful & uplifting. Lovely composition and the instruments are all played well. This stirs up images of Nature or life in a small village for me. Love how this builds as it moves along. Bravo!

GarryOwen/IrishWasherwoman "Very catchy, rhythmic Celtic track featuring some great melody lines. Especially good is the traditional string instrument melody. Recorded well, the piano stays to the sides to allow the melody lines to come through. Well done to all."

Lads of Dunse/St. Patrick's Day in the Morning "Nice little Celtic tune. Infectious rhythm. Good movement in both the harmony and melody progression. Skillfully played."

Si Bheag Si Mohr--"I like the traditional character of the arrangement. The playing is solid throughout. Nice use of dulcimer."

Ships are Sailing--"The dulcimer parts sounds excellent and certainly evokes a Celtic character."

James Weatherstone-Foley Road NYC

Folks- James Weatherstone of the Easy Coast Foley Road version. And, by the way, I totally concur; your CD sounds absolutely first rate great. You are all A-1 musicians, and I thank you for the gift of your music. Regards, James Weatherstone

Little Sisters of the Poor. (One of our many venues)

Foley Road is a group of six musicians, ranging in profession from teachers, music and speech therapists, and even an engineer! Their varied instrumentation provides a unique musical experience for all to enjoy. The group possesses an unknown quality that comes from a spirit that connects people to their talent. They are ordinary people accomplishing extraordinary things.

Friend of Foley Road

Your program was great. Those that attended really enjoyed it as well. I do love the CD. My daughter and I listen to it and dance. Thanks again, Bev

Internet sent to Fred.

"I was completely blown away by the beauty of the music on this CD (Wherever The Road Takes Us!) Please let your group know they will be giving a lot of joy to those lucky people who discover the CD. Congratulations!" Ron
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